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​​Arrivals & DEPARTURES

Martin Delaney


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kirsten over the past 5 years on various strategic planning challenges for many of the region’s most iconic brands, including Bell Aliant, and Tourism Nova Scotia. Kirsten brings to her research skills substantial previous agency and marketing experience. This means that when conducting qualitative research, she understands the importance of going beyond the obvious in her research conclusions. She seeks to decipher and extract interesting and actionable observations, helping to inspire our strategic planning and creative teams as we develop effective and creative strategies for brands. I’m always confident that her research conclusions are based on a combination of rational and sound judgement, combined with a touch of creativity and inspiration.

Kirsten is also a pleasure to work with – genuinely collaborative and approachable throughout the life of a project."





Jack Denneboom


"In 2010 Kijiji wanted to test the potential business impact of TV advertising. Kijiji hadn’t previously run any TV and they wanted to conduct market research to measure the result it would make on awareness of its brand. We recommended Kirsten to conduct the required market research, and we and Kijiji were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, timeliness and thoroughness of their work."





Erica Pellerin

Director of Marketing - Insight & Communications

"I have worked with them on 3 research projects (mostly qual) but they are bar none the best qualitative research supplier I’ve ever worked with.  

A couple of stand-out strengths as I see them:

1. Incredible strategic thinkers – both in prep (ie. research design) as well as in moderating focus groups. Very keen sense at getting at the why behind the comments.

2. Really strong collaborators  - both with our company and with our advertising agencies

3. Unparalleled reports – thorough, insightful"




John McNeil

Past President

"An excellent piece of work. One of the best written pieces of research reports I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few. Thank you."





Mike Henahan

V.P. Marketing

"We were genuinely impressed with Kirsten and Kunyi's methodologies, professionalism and overall project execution and are equally pleased with the insights gained and the usefulness of those insights. It was a job well done."




Nancy Watson

Director, Communications

"A dynamite piece of work in my opinion. It reflects a clarity of thinking around process and insights that will make a huge difference to the end product. It certainly backs our bias for understanding the problem from the end-user’s perspective before charging ahead with creative strategies based on assumptions."





Bridget Archibald,

Acquisition Marketing (Retail)

"I’ve had my first read-through. Wow, an amazing report!  Thank you, it is incredibly rich and paints such a full picture for us. The story that started to emerge just after the groups finished up is really reinforced by the report...and thank you to both of you for pulling out the big insights early, as you worked….

The report makes me really excited and determined that we need to step up and execute on this! We certainly know now what we need to do.

I'm so impressed by how you took such a large amount of info and structured it into such an organized insightful report."




Dee Enright


"Kirsten not only is a pleasure to work with and provides results that are tangible and can be implemented but she will challenge ideas and beliefs to explore and verify their validity."