The government of British Columbia has been directing an unwarranted and inhumane wolf kill program ostensibly to protect declining caribou populations. When the wolf kill was expanded to a third region - the Revelstoke area -  it became clear that even more wolves would die in unspeakable ways, for no reason.

And...so we helped investigate!


We created wehowl.ca to bring together 5 organizations under one banner

survey-inspired creative builds awareness

We built a creative campaign based on survey questions as a provocative call to action

Passionate perspectives

We designed a survey to capture passionate opinions from around the world 

creative ways to publish results

Data-inspired creative continued to build momentum, from infographics to t-shirt design

WEHOWL.CA - the unifying voice

How do you unite the power of multiple organizations into a single voice?

Wolf Awareness comes together under the wehowl banner
Humane Society International comes together under the wehowl banner
Raincoast Conservation Foundation comes together under the wehowl banner
Animal Alliance comes together under the wehowl banner
Valhalla Wilderness Society comes together under the wehowl banner

We created wehowl.ca as a central hub. Campaign information and survey springboards housed under one easy-to-remember url.

survey questions as creative

How do you encourage survey participation from around the world, without buying a database? 

wehowl campaign against the BC wolf kill uses research as the creative strategy



Ramp up interest in the cause by using provocative survey questions as the core creative idea. The questions were posted on outdoor billboards and social media posters, and generated passionate responses from all sides of the issue. 

A world wide perspective

How do you capture thoughts and feelings on both sides of a very controversial issue?

Design a survey to capture passionate opinions on both sides of the issue.. More than 800 passionate people agreed to be contacted for future surveys.

Wolves have been scapegoated for the past 500 years. They suffer immensely at the hands of humankind - if the species is to survive into the future interventions must take place. Without wolves there will never be healthy, sustainable ecosystems.

Yukon resident

Don't let their song fade away !

Romania resident

Wolves are incredible intelligent animals. Shame on our government in BC for allowing this cruel and unnecessary cull. It is a blight on our Canadian reputation.

BC Resident

I hope this helps to get more wolf hunters out there.

BC Resident

Research shows that wolves or other predators do not cause the decline of their prey. It's human actions that destroy everything.

Finland resident

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SURVEY results inspiring creative

How do you bring survey results to life and keep the momentum of the campaign alive?

Create interesting and unique data-inspired 'things'... Infographic summaries shared with survey participants, and silk-screened word cloud responses as membership fundraisers. 

Wehowl infographic showing research results from the BC wolf kill survey. Skyscraper, wolf icon, wolf word cloud, caribour wordcloud, helicopter icon, neck snare icon, poison icon
Wolf associations
Wolf associations

Anti Wolf Kill respondents

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Wolf Associations
Wolf Associations

Wolf Kill supporters

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